It has the appearance of a powder with a neutral taste, it is very soluble in water

Polydextrose is used for balancing and reducing the degree of sweetness of finished products, as well as in the production of unsweetened foods that require volume.

The use of polydextrose allows manufacturers to reduce the cost of production and solve a number of technological problems:

the food additive in bakery and flour confectionery products improves the structure of the crumb, increases the output of finished products by 10%, prolongs the shelf life;

in the composition of low-fat milk, fermented milk and fermented milk products increases organoleptic qualities without changing the basic taste and color, creates a feeling of fullness;

in the production of low-calorie confectionery products (chocolate, caramel, chewing sweets, marmalade) compensates for the loss of volume of production when removing fats, increase viscosity, increase resistance to syneresis;

when making frozen desserts, ice cream reduces the freezing point. The property helps to prevent the crystallization of water at low temperatures, increases the density of products and resistance to freeze-thaw cycles; in the meat industry acts as a filler, an organic fat simulator, a substitute for starch and some of the sucrose solids. This allows you to reduce caloric content without deteriorating the structure of products. Modified polydextrose in an amount of 1 to 10 g / l is included in the formula for infant formula fed infant formula.

As a fiber, it is added to alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, beer, seasonings, frozen products, sauces. Manufacturers of sports nutrition include polydextrose in complexes for fat burning and growth of muscle mass, as well as some geynerov. Modified polydextrose as a binder is included in the composition of the mass for the manufacture of tablets, dragees, lozenges, chewable lozenges. increases the output of finished products by 10%. to increase the content of dietary fiber, replace sugar, reduce caloric content and reduce fat content. Polydextrose is usually used as a substitute for sugar, starch and fat in drinks, cakes, sweets, desserts, mixtures, breakfast cereals, gelatines, frozen desserts, puddings, and salads. Polydextrose is also used as a moisturizer, stabilizer and thickener.