At very beginning “Sladkii Mir LTD” started as  just a small company that packed Russian manufactured sorbitol for sale. Then the pharmaceutical product was delivered through market chain networks to consumers. This making period did not last long. One by one, our suppliers started to cut the ready-made sorbitol output for using it only as a raw material for another pharmaceutical production. The domestic market situation needed this.
Nevertheless we still remained committed to our trading partners, and towards ordinary people, in need of sorbitol. Searching for getting this sugar substitute, our company had to widen its operational geography and entered the international market. A product we were looking for should have 1)  a high quality, not lower than once offered  by our former supplier, and 2) the  product cost would be kept within the retail price limits, practiced and accessible to the buyer, and would give us a chance to offer sorbitol as a raw material to diet food manufacturers. The sorbitol export leaders from the United States, France and Great Britain requested a price was too high and expensive for us. Our researches ended in coming to the Chinese sorbitol market.
First contract, signed by “Sladkii Mir LTD” in China, was with Nanning Chemical Group, Ltd., a large industrial holding. However, shortly after the successful start in our relations, we saw t repeated the situation, as described above.  Nanning Group went reducing sorbitol, delivered to wholesalers. It resulted in irregular deliveries to our address. We had to look for new suppliers among Chinese biochemical industrials and tie up cooperation links with them. Intensive efforts in this direction were success: actually we are cooperating on long-term contracts with five reliable manufacturers of pure crystalline sorbitol. As a result, “Sladkii Mir LTD” is nowadays ranged among the three largest Russian importers of this sweetener, giving way only to the largest chewing gum makers "Dirol Cadbury "and “Wrigley Ltd ".
Our success in the sorbitol market was noticed. Our customers flooded us with their requests for sorbitol and other sweeteners supplying.  Fructose, second largest sweetener in Russia after sorbitol, was especially and highly needed by the customers. But the sweetener was almost missing in the market. Addressing this issue, without any preliminaries our company won the confidence of Russian importers of fructose. At the time, free competition quite absent from this market segment. Archer-Daniels-Midland Co. and Tate & Lyle Ingredients Americas, Inc dominated 100 % deliveries to Russian fructose market. After a few own deliveries, we realized that, compared to other importers, we were handicapped.
The researches for new fructose suppliers were fortunate with an increase in Israeli business activity within the Russian market. Later on the Chinese manufacturers of this carbohydrate entered actively our domestic market. Our long-standing relations with Gadot Biochemical Industries Ltd. (Israel) and Shandong Xiwang Bio-Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. (PRC) brought us to the second largest import of fructose in Russia.
Today, we can meet our customers’ needs not only with these sweeteners, but also supplying xylitol and erythritol. “Sladkii Mir LTD” has built a database of other sweetener manufacturers. We are familiar with the conditions under which they deliver their products. So we are ready to start cooperate with them on the long run term.
Since early 2007, “Sladkii Mir LTD” promotes a new line of exotic sugars. Our stage of "apprenticeship"  being over, our actual trade relations with the German Company “August Töpfer & Co are of good partnership. Whatever are our clients: food makers, confectionery producers, retail chains and individual companies- for all we are offering nowadays a wide range of exotic sugar products. We are happy to supply: a red amber Demerara, transparent candy crystals, and crushed brown sugar, flat or irregular shaped brown sugar cubes, sweet candy sugar, which is three times sweeter than ordinary.
Most of these sweets we are manufacturing in our workshops, which grew upon the base of a modest of the filling plant. Actually, we are using three pressing and drying line of sweets. Granular products screening and mix preparing is done by a vibrating table and mixers. End products are packaged in several dozen species of diverse packages.
Today “Sladkii Mir LTD” is contracted with commercial suppliers from all four continents and trades with partners throughout Russia.


Presentation "Sladkii mir LTD"