Isomalt is a sweetener based on sugar, first obtained in 1957.

Isomalt is half as sweet as sugar. In terms of technology, it is more like sugar than most other sugar substitutes and is used in the production of hard and soft caramel, chocolate and many other foods that can be considered non-cariogenic, diabetic and low-calorie.

Isomalt is very stable and does not decompose chemically due to a strong glycosidic bond, it is resistant to heating, it has good solubility in water.

Used as confectionery sugar for making desserts and sweets. Obtained from sucrose Isomalt has high quality glazing characteristics, protects the product from clumping and caking. It is used as a sweetener and sweetener in the manufacture of products for diabetics. Isomalt gives products volume, provides the required structure, medium sweetness. Therefore, it is often used in the preparation of confectionery products: chocolate, grilling, soft and hard caramel, dragees, ice cream, confitures, chewing gum, other food products. It is widely used in the production of desserts and similar products on various bases, cereals based cereals, ice cream, jams, marmalades, jellies, confectionery products, cocoa products, fruits, dried fruits or starches, bakery and flour confectionery products, chewing gum, sauces, mustard, specialized products, biologically active substances, liqueurs, fish products