Sweet sugar in cubes

In our understanding, "Sladkii Mir" LTD offers you a very convenient way to cut to a third sugar consumption: a product, labeled "Sweet Sugar". It is manufactured by "Sladkii Mir" LTD and is sorted out in "Sweet Sugar" and in "Stevie Sweet sugar". Both these sorts are actually three times sweeter than regular table sugar. This fact is confirmed by all the tasters. So, it would take you three times less of sweets volume to put in a cup of tea or coffee, to fill the pan when cooking compote or jelly, or to make the dough.

Making use of the "Sweet Sugar" saves you a familiar taste of yours. Each and every grain of conventional sugar is enveloped with special high-tech mixture sweet substances. Since sweet feeling developed by these substances is n-times more intense than taste of table sugar, the sugar mix concentration is much higher than that of the sweetener, and more gustatory receptors send you familiar sensitive signal. As a result, we perceive the mixture as ordinary white table sugar.

The "Sweet Sugar" is structured with white crystalline sugar and acesulfame sweetener. "Stevie Sweet sugar» includes white crystalline sugar, fructose and sweeteners: acesulfame, stevioside, sucralose.
Fructose is a natural fruit sugar.

Acesulfame is a non-caloric sweetener 200 times sweeter than table sugar; it doesn’t cause neither dental caries, nor allergic reactions. Currently, more than 4000 kinds of foods are produced with the sweetener all over the world.

Stevioside is an extract of "honey herb Stevie", the most valuable natural sweetener.

Sucralose is a new high quality safe sweetener, very much alike to regular sugar taste.

All components of "Sweet Sugar" and "Sweet sugar with Stevie" are thermally stable and do not lose its sweetness, when heated. Therefore, the "Sweet Sugar" might be well used as a substitute for regular sugar, while preparing of marmalades, jams, pastries, hot drinks, etc.

We do recommend "Sweet Sugar" to anyone who is eager to keep up to healthy lifestyle and has a sound attitude to his body.

"Sweet Sugar" is a product for anyone, who:

  • prefers natural products ("Sweet Sugar" consists of regular table sugar at a rate of 99%);
  • likes the taste of sugar, but intends to consume it less and less;
  • keeps up to a low-calorie diet and watches his weight;
  • makes sense of the family budget spending.

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