Aspartame (E951) is an intensive sweetener used since the end of 1970. The raw material for the production of aspartame is two amino acids: L-phenylalanine and L-aspartic acid.

Aspartame is characterized by a pure sweet taste, unstable to heating (unsuitable for cooking and baking, for long-term storage). It dissolves well in hot water, medium in cold water and spirits.

Aspartame does not affect the blood glucose level and can be used in the production of diabetic foods, it is safe for dental health.

Because of its properties, aspartame is used in many branches of the food and pharmaceutical industry. The main markets for aspartame are the production of soft drinks and table sugar substitutes, it is also used in the production of confectionery, medicines, dry concentrates of syrups, dairy products, powder mixtures and nutritional bars. In the production of baked goods, products subjected to intensive and prolonged heat treatment, as well as liquid products with a neutral pH and long shelf life, it is not widely used.