Inulin is polyfructosan, which can be obtained as an amorphous powder and in the form of crystals. Inulin is not digested by the digestive enzymes of the human body and belongs to the group of dietary fibers. In connection with this, it is used in medicine as a prebiotic. Serves as a starting material for the industrial production of fructose.

This substance stimulates the proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the human body, cleans from toxins and harmful substances, has a beneficial effect on the intestines.

Prebiotic is added to sour-milk products, food for children, bakery products, sweets.

Inulin is used in pharmaceutics as one of the important components of biologically active additives.

Inulin is also used in cosmetology, because it favorably affects the skin, helps to smooth out wrinkles and regenerate skin cells.