Sugar cubes

Sugar cubes are meant only to sweeten a hot drink - tea, coffee or cocoa. 

Not surprisingly, they fit together: sugar cane comes from the same area of Southeast Asia, which is home to tea, and South America, where coffee trees has well taken root. 


It is very handy because it's not simple to have missed it fall beside the cup and easy to measure it out in doses. The major cube advantage over the lump sugar is its lower price and simplicity of being compressed, without losing any of its tastiness.


However, are sugar cubes fitting hot drinks only? The USA cookbook, published in 1884 in Boston, provides a recipe for making icy or Russian (!) tea: you need to brew a strong tea, to strain and  to cool it, and when cooled — take a large glass, put into two sugar cubes, pour half crushed ice, add a slice of lemon and fill a glass of iced tea.


Our company delivers brown cane sugar cubes, which are manufactured from the best Demerara grades. Grown in the broiling tropical sun, they are derived from natural sugar cane, and come from fertile soils of Cauca valley in Colombia. There from come a softness of taste and pleasant aroma, all of which white sugar cubes are usually loosing, while refining.


But for those who still do like more traditional taste and color of refined sugar than exotic brown varieties, we can offer white sugar cubes. We manufacture it from the best varieties of refined cane sugar.


White or brown, any sugar cubes, are recommended by our company to everyone, including vegetarians and vegans. With the only exception to those who are asked to keep from daily sugar by doctors.


Our company offers two kinds of brown sugar cubes: those regular ones of the same size and others roughly edged that differ both in shape and size. The last ones look like those, which are chopped off from loaves by sugar - tongs or by back of a table knife. 


For some not evident reasons, many our buyers choose just the sort of our products. Popular also in Europe, this sort is called there "roughly chopped", and the Americans name it "Europe-styled sugar". There is in it somewhat indefinable.   


The novelty of our range – cane brown sugar cubes in a small box 250g, which is convenient to take with you on a trip to be able not only to enjoy the taste and benefits of delicious cane sugar at home.


Сахар в кубиках