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Sugar cubes

Reed sugar in cubes, which our company offers, was made by us from the best sorts of Demerara, obtained from natural sugar cane, grown under the scorching rays of the tropical sun on the fertile soils of the Cauca Valley in Colombia

Sweet sugar in cubes

Has all the properties of sugar, increased sweetness - 3 times sweeter than ordinary sugar

Erythritol in cubes

The sugar substitute contained in many products, such as pears, melons, grapes, mushrooms. It does not contain calories, it is safe for diabetics, it is useful for dental health.

Xylitol in cubes

A sweetener, commercially produced from corn cobs. It has the taste of simple sugar without foreign flavors. Useful for dental health. It is safe for diabetics.

Fructose in cubes

Natural sugar, contained in fruits, vegetables, honey. In cooking emphasizes the aroma of fruits, fruits and berries. A source of energy every day!